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Christiane Gohres-van der Wolf
English language trainer
sworn interpreter and translator

Gohres-Legal Communications

drs. Christiane Gohres-van der Wolf
beëdigd tolk-vertaler Engels

English seems easy to the Dutch. They are so familiar with English that they often use English words and expressions in their own language. Because of the apparent similarities between the two languages, Dutch people are prone to use “Dunglish” (‘Dutch English’). A typical example is “I’ll see it through the fingers”, instead of “I’ll let you get away with it”, or, “I’ll turn a blind eye”. This could come across as unprofessional, or worse, could cause communication problems.

Would you like to improve your communication skills in English and communicate more confidently in correct and professional English? Gohres-Legal Communications offers courses in legal and business English.


Practical Legal English & Business Courses

For many years Gohres-Legal Communications has specialized in teaching in-house Practical Legal & Business English courses to (tax)lawyers, civil-law notaries, in-house Counsel, legal secretaries, the judiciary and law students. The legal profession is all about spoken and written words. Like Lord Denning, the famous English judge (1899-1999) said:”Words are the lawyer’s tools of trade”.

Tailor-made courses

Courses are usually given in groups,  but one-on-one courses are also possible. All courses are tailored to your specific demands and goals.

Courses usually focus on the following:

  • expanding legal and business vocabulary
  • drafting letters and e-mails etc.
  • speaking and telephoning
  • brushing up grammar
  • avoiding common errors: Do’s & Don’ts

Interpreting & translating

Christiane Gohres is a certified, fully-qualified translator and (court) interpreter specialized in legal and business English. Her clients include lawyers, civil-law notaries, the judiciary (mainly civil law) and other government institutions.

Editing texts

Gohres-Legal Communications edits and proofreads legal and business texts written in English: checking spelling, grammar and other irregularities while focusing on clear and understandable language (“Plain English”).

Cost estimate

For a tailor-made quotation, please contact me.

About me

My name is Christiane Gohres-van der Wolf. I am a sworn (court) interpreter and English translator and registered in the Dutch Wbtv Quality Register. In addition, I teach business and legal English courses, usually to Dutch native speakers.

After I graduated from Leiden university with an English language and literature degree, I worked for 13 years as a translator at an international law firm in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. There I specialized as a (court) interpreter and translator (SIGV diplomas) while developing and teaching in-house Practical Legal and Business English courses.

Since leaving the law firm, I have worked independently as a freelance (court) interpreter and sworn translator for over twenty-five years. As a language trainer, I have taught English courses at various law firms and notary offices, Dutch courts, ministries, banks, NS Dutch Railways etc. I have given lectures and workshops at various universities both in the Netherlands and abroad.

I regularly take courses to keep my skills up-to-date (continuing education). I am a member of the Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV) and apply its general terms and conditions.


For more information, please contact:

Gohres-Legal Communications
drs. Christiane Gohres-van der Wolf

Mobile: 06-29056868
E-mail: info@gohreslegal.com
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Wbtv number: 1155
NGTV member
VAT number: NL001123248B84
KVK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 34096989
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